Houston first time home buyers who are thinking about buying a Houston home often ask me lots of questions. Questions are good. It demonstrates an eagerness to learn. One of the more frequently asked questions I’m asked goes something like this; “what are some effective ways to save money for a down payment and closing cost“.

I Love to Wear Hats!

When you are a Houston real estate agent expert you have to wear many hats. While I’m not a CPA, financial planner nor am I a tax attorney or any other type of attorney, I do have some common sense advice to offer to help consumers save for their Houston home purchase. In light of the current economic times it’s imperative you have sufficient funds to buy you first (or fifth) Houston home as lending requirements have become more strict.

Get Thrifty With It!

10 Household Saving Tips:

  1. Wash your laundry in cold water
  2. Line dry your laundry
  3. Turn off your dishwasher when it cycles to the drying mode and open the door
  4. Lower your thermostat at night and pile on the flannel sheets and heavy quilt
  5. Unplug unused appliances and electronic gear
  6. Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
  7. Seal ducts and add insulation
  8. Seal drafty windows and doors
  9. Open the oven after you bake for additional warmth
  10. Lower your hot water heater thermostat

More Ways to Save Coming in My Next Post

In my next post, I’ll share 7 ways to save when paying your monthly bills. Be sure to check back soon.