My husband, Jim, and I have taken our girls tent camping at Chain-O-Lakes Resort and Conference Center (now it’s named The Retreat at Artesian Lakes) since they were babies.  We started renting the log cabins at the resort when the girls insisted they needed indoor plumbing. This has been our retreat for about 20 years or so.  We used to sit in the porch swing on the cabin’s covered deck overlooking the lake watching the many different bird species, raccoons, squirrels and occasionally armadillos.  The drops hitting on the metal roof would mesmerize us when it rained.  The actual beauty of the East Texas forest is so gorgeous and makes our way of life so tranquil. Artesian Lakes - FishingThe relaxation has always been awesome!

Jim and I would often comment that we should ask the owners of the resort if we could buy one of his cabins for our own use.  It was a dream of ours to someday own one. 

Then a couple of years ago when we visited the Hospitality House of the Resort, we noticed a computer on the desk showing various lots for sale.  There was a map on an easel showing where the lots were located.  We walked the lots, then called the owner, Dr. Jimmy Smith, and asked for more information.  He gave us a full tour of the property.  Jim and I knew right then and there that we were going to be buying one of the lots.

After looking and looking at around 100 lots . . .we walked onto one that was perfect for us.  We wanted a lot of privacy, to be surrounded by as much water as possible and for the property to be heavily wooded.  Our lot was different from any others that we had seen.  It had oaks, fruit trees, pines, grapes, cactus . . . so many different trees.  But what I think really sold us was the fact that not only did it have the look of the East Texas, it also gave you the eerie look of Louisiana swamps due to the cedar trees and the moss hanging from the trees. The huge white birds with wing spans of several feet glided over the water in a carefree manner that added to the feelings we got from being on this particular piece of land.

Needless to say . . .we bought the land.  That ended up being step one. 

I’ll tell you more the next time I get on line.  Contact me in the meantime if you want to hear more right away.  I’d love to hear your log cabin story . . .or your dream of having a log cabin.


I am also marketing the lots at Artesian Lakes.  Let me know if you would like further information on them.