Named on Forbes Magazine’s Best Blue-Chip Real Estate Investments

Houston Real Estate writer Matt Woolsey recently named Houston’s prestigious West University Place neighborhood one of America’s 15 Best Neighborhoods for historic real estate appreciation. Among the other “prime” neighborhoods mentioned by Woolsey were L.A.’s “tony” Pacific Palisades neighborhood, the ever-popular Lake Shore Drive area in Chicago, University Park located in Dallas and NYC’s Fifth Avenue.

How The Forbes A-List Was Compiled

Using data from (a Rhode Island-based real estate research firm), Houston’s West University Place neighborhood and 14 other “blue-chip” neighborhoods were selected based on historic home appreciation data. It revealed the real estate “hot spots” in the country’s 15 largest metros. These areas experienced the greatest total historical appreciation since 1990. The article noted these neighborhoods were “sour-market” resistant able to weather market downturns and take full advantage of growth during market spikes.

What does this Mean for West University Place Home Buyers?

If you’re searching to buy a fine home in Houston, this article simply validates what those of us in the Houston real estate industry have known all along – West U is a highly desirable Houston neighborhood. Remember, you’re not just buying a home in West University Place, you’re buying in a well-respected community filled with great amenities and easy access to the greater Houston area.

What about Houston’s West University Place Home Sellers?Another Sold Sign in West University Place

If you’re thinking about selling your West University Place home, now is a great time to think about listing your Houston area home for sale. If you’re not sure about your home’s value, there are several resources available to help you determine just how much it is worth in today’s Houston real estate market. Having publicity provided by one of the nation’s most notable financial resources to validate the value of your West University Place neighborhood certainly helps! As West University Place home selling experts, Jim and I have sold many West U. homes and we stand ready to answer any real estate questions you may have.

West University Place Facts and Figures

West University Place Real Estate by the numbers

  1. Median Home Sale Price: $663,740
  2. Price Growth Since 1990: 194%

Just in case you didn’t know, West University Place is a smaller city within the city of Houston, Texas. Community founders originally chose to remain separate from the big city for tax purposes. Today West University Place provides all city services and has its own city council. Affectionately called West U. by Houston locals, West University Place is effectively a city within a city, but has the feel of a place outside the city limits. Houston real estate agents and experts all agree Texas is home to some of the nation’s most affordable markets, yet West U. continues to experience an extremely potent home value growth since 1990.

If you’re a long-time West University Place resident, tell us what your experience has been with real estate values in West U.? Jim and I look forward to your comments.