More Houston Homeowners Are Selling Their “Yard”!

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That’s right! Because of the impact of ever-rising consumer goods, fuel cost and the general “sluggish” state of the Houston economy, more Houston homeowners are hosting yard sells. Many are seeking creative ways to generate cash especially for the upcoming holiday gift buying season. Did you know there are some smart ways to make your Houston garage sale far more productive? Below are a few helpful tips you can use to make your Houston yard sale far more profitable.

Profitable Houston Yard Sale Tips

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Houston Home Buyers Smart Money Saving Tips – Part III

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8 Ways to Save for Your Next Houston Home Purchase!

In my first money saving Houston Home Buyer post I offered 10 common sense ways to reduce your reoccurring utility cost. In my second post in this series you were provided 7 smart ways to reduce your monthly payments.  In this final installment you will receive 8 tips to saving money so you can purchase Houston real estate.

A Sign of the Times

Many families and individuals are financially strapped and can’t afford to meet the new mortgage guidelines for securing a loan and financing a Houston home especially if it’s their first Houston home. That’s way it is so important to provide you these timely tips. This way you are better prepared to effectively save for your down payment and closing cost for your next Houston home purchase.

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7 Steps to Reduce Your Monthly Bills

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Money-saving Tips to Save for Your Next Houston Home Purchase

In my previous Houston real estate blog post, we discussed money-saving household tips. In this post, I’ll share 7 ways to save when paying (and reducing) your monthly bills. These thrifty tips really apply to anyone and makes no difference if you are planning to buy a home for sale in Houston or just seeking common sense ways to pinch a few pennies. Remember, the goal here is to “fatten” the piggy bank!)

7 Ways to Save

Below are your 7 strategies to cut your monthly expenses now:

  1. If you own a home in Houston and you can afford it, double up on your monthly payments. This will help reduce the interest owed on your loan
  2. Review your monthly car and household insurance premiums and try to increase your deductible
  3. Ask for the best rates with your cable/satellite provider
  4. Drop your long distance phone service and either secure a prepaid long distance card or download Skype (It’s a FREE internet based phone service that also offers video conferencing-very cool!)
  5. Drop your hard-wired phone and only use your cell phone
  6. Pay your bills online and save on postage
  7. Pay your bills online on-time and avoid late fees

Your Feedback!

What cost-saving ways do you use to reduce your monthly expenses? Leave a comment and share your ideas.

What’s Coming Next?

In my next post I’ll reveal 8 money-saving strategies to help you come up with the cash you need to purchase your next Fine Home in Houston.


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Houston Realtor Offers 25 Ways to Save

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Houston first time home buyers who are thinking about buying a Houston home often ask me lots of questions. Questions are good. It demonstrates an eagerness to learn. One of the more frequently asked questions I’m asked goes something like this; “what are some effective ways to save money for a down payment and closing cost“.

I Love to Wear Hats!

When you are a Houston real estate agent expert you have to wear many hats. While I’m not a CPA, financial planner nor am I a tax attorney or any other type of attorney, I do have some common sense advice to offer to help consumers save for their Houston home purchase. In light of the current economic times it’s imperative you have sufficient funds to buy you first (or fifth) Houston home as lending requirements have become more strict.

Get Thrifty With It!

10 Household Saving Tips:

  1. Wash your laundry in cold water
  2. Line dry your laundry
  3. Turn off your dishwasher when it cycles to the drying mode and open the door
  4. Lower your thermostat at night and pile on the flannel sheets and heavy quilt
  5. Unplug unused appliances and electronic gear
  6. Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
  7. Seal ducts and add insulation
  8. Seal drafty windows and doors
  9. Open the oven after you bake for additional warmth
  10. Lower your hot water heater thermostat

More Ways to Save Coming in My Next Post

In my next post, I’ll share 7 ways to save when paying your monthly bills. Be sure to check back soon.


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Enhanced Features Added to Our Houston Realtor Website!

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Offering More Value to Houston Home Buyers & Sellers

Everyone knows managing a Houston real estate website is an ongoing process. We are constantly tweaking our web site with the desire to offer our visitors more value, more tools and more reliable information. Not only are Jim and I Houston real estate agent experts who represent and guide our clients in the fine art of buying and selling Houston real estate, we must be web-savvy real estate marketers too.

Standing Out in the Sea of Houston Real Estate Websites & Blogs

In an age when it seems many of the real estate web sites and blogs offer little valuable information and look the same, we are mindful to ensure consumers have the “latest and greatest” real-time area information and user-friendly property search tools to help accomplish their goals.

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