Challenging economic times always gives pause to a renewed focus on providing memorable customer service. If you are like me, my holiday shopping activities also makes me more sensitive to superior customer service too. It’s obviously more cost-effective to make sure your existing clients are happy and keep them coming back rather than constantly finding new clients.

Am I a Houston Real Estate Sales Person?

As much as people want to call Houston Realtors sales people, I consider myself to be so much more. In fact, I really don’t consider myself to be a “sales person” at all. I can’t talk you into buying a home in Houston and would never think to do so. It conjures visions of a “pushy used car sales person”. Yuck!

Call Me Old Fashion!

I remember a time as a repeat customer the clerk would actually remember and call me by my name. Oh how times have changed. Employees come and go while we continue to use the same Houston merchant or service provider. Take for instance the gal at the local coffee shop I frequent almost everyday. How difficult would it be for her to actually look at my debit card, remember my name and say “Here is your tall, caffeine-free, extra hot vanilla latte Ms. Zoller and a great day!“?

Exceptional Service is Always Remembered!

One of the elements that keeps me coming back to Nordstrom at the Galleria Mall is their exceptional customer service. It’s the little things their “sales professionals” do, like wrapping my garments in tissue, coming from behind the counter to “look me in the eyes”, hand me my purchase and my receipt and say a simple “Thank you for shopping at Nordstrom“. Those very simple acts translate into award-winning recognition. That’s the type of service our team emulates. It really does make a difference – those little things!

Do you have a story about exceptional customer service? Please share it with the rest of us!

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P.S. In my next post I’ll tell you what Houston real estate agents really are!