This doesn’t surprise me, has once again recognized Houston by placing our city at position number 4 for  “Cities Where Your Nest Egg Goes Farthest“. Also named to the list was our sister city of Dallas, Texas. In case you may have forgotten, Houston also made the Forbes list for “Best Place to Buy a Home” too. The Forbes web site gives their reasons why Houston made their list for a great place to retire. I’ll list those plus offer a few more reasons why I think retirement life in Houston will help you stretch your retirement dollars. After what has happened with everyone’s 401K, it’s more important now than ever before!

8 Terrific Reasons Why Boomers Should Consider Relocating to Houston

From the’s list:

#1-they mentioned that the “free flow of energy dollars” negates any potential chance of our Houston real estate market taking a nose dive.  In case you didn’t know, Houston is our nation’s energy mecca.

#2-Forbes also states Houston is a tech center rather than a manufacturing hub. The nightly news reminds us of the impact on cities were manufacturing is fleeing to China.

#3-Forbes also mentions our “affordable homes in Houston“. Here in Houston, Boomers have many affordable Harris County neighborhoods and home buying options including low/no maintenance townhomes and condos, single-family homes with smaller lot sizes for reduced up keep and age-restricted communities.

#4-The last reason mentions in their article is our “sunny weather” here in Houston. Our mild weather makes life in Houston a dream!

Even More Great Reasons to Move to Houston!

Here are a few more great reasons why your retirement dollars go farther and your quality of life will be better here in Houston:

#5-One of the top priorities for every individual over 60 is easily accessible high-quality health care. In Houston, we are known as hub of the health care universe what with our Texas Medical Center.

#6-Abundant lifestyle opportunities! Here in Houston, Boomers can participate in any number recreational opportunities. From golf, tennis, hiking, biking, walking, swimming and so much more – we have it all in Houston!

#7-It’s easy to get around Houston! With the Harris County Metro, you can get around Houston with ease plus save the cost of gas and harmful emissions. Now that’s the ticket to an easier way to get around Houston!

8#-Speaking of getting around, if the grandkids or other family members live in another location, Houston delivers not one major airport but two. In Houston you can fly out of Houston William P. Hobby airport or Houston George Bush Intercontentinal airport. Now that is a convenience very few other cities can match!

New to Houston? I Need Senior Feedback!

Calling all Baby Boomers new to Houston. What attracted you to relocate to Harris County?

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