Foundation Layout 006

Our log cabin will be located in Romayer, Texas at Artesian Lakes.   Jim and I call our building site Zoller Point since it is on a point with the lake on a little more than two sides. This will be a second home for us.

The site was leveled at an angle so that rain would runoff toward the lake.  I insisted on keeping my little hill in the top right of the picture.  Right now I have a bench up there so I can sit and watch what goes on.

Foundation Layout 005

 This area was cleared of underbrush so that we can have a place to set the logs, lumber, trucks, cranes, etc. when they come to the location.  One of the workmen is at the northeast corner of the future cabin.

Foundation Layout 004

 Lines are being run to show the perimeter of the cabin.  The boards depict the southeast corner of the cabin.

Foundation Layout 003

More lines are being squared off for the foundation.  And yes . . .that is water in the middle of the picture.

Foundation Layout 002

The lines are surveyed and the orange paint will be used to mark the location for the piers.

Foundation Layout 001

One of the workmen is assisting in the foundation layout on the northeast corner of the cabin.

I can’t believe work is actually starting!  We’ve waited for so long.