If the survey conducted by Robert Half International is true, job prospects for those relocating to Houston in search of a position in the accounting, finance and information technology sectors look very good for 2009. Now that’s great news for our Houston real estate market!

The Complete Houston Job Outlook Story

Based on interviews with 200 CFOs and 200 CIOs these surveys conducted by Robert Half Associates of Menlo Park, CA indicated 11 percent of chief financial officers and 13 percent of chief information officers are planning to increase their staff during the first quarter of 09. There were a few CFO’s who stated they would reduce their employment ranks in 2009 including 6 percent of CFOs and 3 percent of CIOs.

The Net Effect – A Positive Outlook in Houston Job Opportunities!

That’s a net gain of a 5 percent increase for accounting and financial hires and it is up 2 points from the area’s fourth-quarter 2008 forecast and 4 points above the national average, while the net 10 percent increase for IT hires is up one point from the area’s fourth-quarter 2008 forecast and 5 points above the national average.

The Perfect Houston Real Estate Recovery Scenario?

Combined with mortgage interest rates moving possibly south of 5% and the positive net gain in Houston jobs could mean our Houston real estate market will experience an improvement in sales and home values.

What’s Your Gut Feeling?

Leave your comment and let me know what you think about the results of these surveys.

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