Yesterday a friend of mine told me that Daylight Savings Time was initiated due to the fact that farmers needed the extra daylight.  I thought that was quite strange. 

My grandfather and his parents were farmers in Nebraska.  The farm is still in the family.  I don’t believe that  they ever worried about what a clock told them when it came to farming.  I remember my grandfather being up and out doing chores long before breakfast and late into the night.  He came in to eat breakfast, dinner and supper . . .after working before and after each meal.  The work never seemed to be done.  I think he could have cared less about Daylight Savings Time.

Therefore, I started researching the origin.  There is a tremendous amount of history concerning Daylight Savings Time  in the United States that I knew very little about until I started researching it yesterday.  I was amazed at the history and found it to be quite interesting.  One of the sources I discovered is one that I will share with you if you have any interest in the origin and history of Daylight Savings Time . . . .  It was very informative and had a list of many other sources for information. 

I enjoy more sun filled hours during the day so that I may sell Houston, Texas  residential homes.  It seems to give me more time with homes buyers and home sellers.

Now I’ll get back to the whole point of this post . . .

Sunday, March 9, 2008 you need to remember to turn your clock ahead by one hour for Daylight Savings Time!!  You can always remember which way to move the clock by the saying “Spring Forward and Fall Back”.

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