While we all know the Houston real estate market has not been riddled by a massive amounts of foreclosure properties like the states of Florida, Nevada, Arizona and California. Every real estate market experiences its fair share of foreclosures and short sales and the Houston real estate market is no exception.

Consumer Help for those Teetering on the Edge of Foreclosure!

If you have begun receiving certified letters in the mail and persistent phone calls from your lender your Houston property might be slipping over the edge into foreclosure!

Avoid Foreclosure – Take Action Today!

We recommend you take action now! It’s a known fact banks and financial institutions would prefer you to remain in your Houston home. If circumstances have occurred in your life that has resulted in you missing a your monthly mortgage payments by all means call your lender today! Tell them what is happening with your mortgage payments and be truthful. Communication is key. Here are a few common reasons why foreclosures occur:

  • Job loss
  • Job transfer
  • Family illness
  • Interest rate reset making your mortgage unaffordable
  • Death in the family
  • Divorce

Avoid Foreclosure with a Houston Short Sale!

Next, a short sale of your Houston home may be inevitable and the Zoller Group is available to help you through this complicated Houston real estate transaction. Click or call us at (713) 661- 0884 or Toll Free at 1 (800) 808-6153 today and we will help you possibly avoid the dreaded foreclosure process.

If you have forgotten just what a short sale is, a Houston short sale allows you to sell your Houston property for less than what you actually owe to the mortgage company. It all hinges on what options are available to you and how much you can negotiate with your lender on your mortgage balance and the market value of your Houston home.

Houston Short Sale Rescue Program

We have developed a Houston Short Sale Rescue Program but before we can know what the best solution is right for you we will need to uncover a few crucial details of your home loan. We realize these questions seem extremely personal. Just remember it is important for us to understand your home loan situation and whether your Houston property needs to be listed as a short sale. Contact Jim and I, your Houston REALTORS today regarding the potential sale of your Houston property.

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