10 Tips to Help You Avoid a Houston Home Foreclosure

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In an earlier post on foreclosures in Houston neighborhoods, I discussed how foreclosures had seen an increase in the Houston real estate market. Although not at the alarming rate seen in other cities. Still, they do exist and they effect a wide variety of Houston home prices. It seems no Houston neighborhood is immune. So what is a Houston homeowner to do if your finances begin to get out of control or you can no longer make their house payments. If you are in this predicament, here are some valuable tips to consider!

10 Tips Every Houston Homeowner Needs to Help Possibly Avoid Foreclosure!

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Yes – The “F” Word is Used in Houston Real Estate!

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For many consumers just the mention of the “F” word, “foreclosure” and a wave of emotions and fears come to the heart and mind. And rightfully so! Frankly, I find there is a tremendous amount of misinformation in the market place about foreclosures. I also find there is a general lack of understanding and knowledge about the often used terms associated with foreclosure. Hence the reason for writing this post.

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