Money-saving Tips to Save for Your Next Houston Home Purchase

In my previous Houston real estate blog post, we discussed money-saving household tips. In this post, I’ll share 7 ways to save when paying (and reducing) your monthly bills. These thrifty tips really apply to anyone and makes no difference if you are planning to buy a home for sale in Houston or just seeking common sense ways to pinch a few pennies. Remember, the goal here is to “fatten” the piggy bank!)

7 Ways to Save

Below are your 7 strategies to cut your monthly expenses now:

  1. If you own a home in Houston and you can afford it, double up on your monthly payments. This will help reduce the interest owed on your loan
  2. Review your monthly car and household insurance premiums and try to increase your deductible
  3. Ask for the best rates with your cable/satellite provider
  4. Drop your long distance phone service and either secure a prepaid long distance card or download Skype (It’s a FREE internet based phone service that also offers video conferencing-very cool!)
  5. Drop your hard-wired phone and only use your cell phone
  6. Pay your bills online and save on postage
  7. Pay your bills online on-time and avoid late fees

Your Feedback!

What cost-saving ways do you use to reduce your monthly expenses? Leave a comment and share your ideas.

What’s Coming Next?

In my next post I’ll reveal 8 money-saving strategies to help you come up with the cash you need to purchase your next Fine Home in Houston.