Robert found my husband, Jim, in our front yard this morning. Jim was doing some carpentry work. Robert walked up to Jim in front of our blue house and started talking to him. However, due to lawnmowers being used in other folks yards, Jim couldn’t understand Robert, so he came into the house and got me. Robert wanted to know where he was. He told me that his name was Robert, that he was 90 years old, and that he had been to Church. Robert couldn’t remember the Church name, his last name, nor his address. I asked him if he had a driver’s license. He pulled out his wallet and it was completely empty. There was absolutely nothing in it. He started going through his breast pocket and found a few dollars . . which he wanted me to take. Of course, I wouldn’t do that. Robert is the sweetest gentleman. He kissed my hand a number of times because I was trying to help him. While Jim kept this darling man company in the front yard, I went into the house and called the Bellaire police. As soon as I told them my story, they said that there was a missing person report and they asked me for a description. Yes, Robert’s children had already notified the police. They had been looking for him all morning. They own a bloodhound and the bloodhound had tracked him to a cross street on the other side of the freeway. . .quite a way from our home. Then the scent dissappeared. We all assume someone gave Robert a ride to a Church so he could listen to the music. Robert took a wrong direction and ended up in front of our home. He likes carpentry and the house he lives in is blue like ours. He possibly thought it was his home. Unfortunately, he knew he was lost. He was scared. His daughters were so upset and happy when the Bellaire police put us together. They were at our home to pick Robert up immediately. Everyone was so appreciative and relieved. Thank goodness this was a happy ending. It was a glorious day to meet Robert and his family. So some nice things came out of this. I think I’m going to have some business cards made up for Robert so that he can keep them in his wallet. We all need help sometimes and shouldn’t be afraid to ask. Our lives are too short not to take care of each other. I am so appreciative of the fact that we were here to help Robert and his family today.