That’s right! Because of the impact of ever-rising consumer goods, fuel cost and the general “sluggish” state of the Houston economy, more Houston homeowners are hosting yard sells. Many are seeking creative ways to generate cash especially for the upcoming holiday gift buying season. Did you know there are some smart ways to make your Houston garage sale far more productive? Below are a few helpful tips you can use to make your Houston yard sale far more profitable.

Profitable Houston Yard Sale Tips

  • First and foremost – you should be familiar with your Houston neighborhood restrictive covenants and zoning laws regarding permits, restrictions and what impact they have on your yard sale and use of signs to direct traffic to your sale.  If you aren’t familiar with your local laws and ordinances, we suggest you call your local/county authorities, HOA or city planning department.
  • Checkout the local competition! Before you host your own Houston garage sale why not get out and see what are the hot selling items and to checkout pricing. Remember, these are the traditional best sellers:
  1. Baby items including clothing, strollers, furniture and toys
  2. Electronic equipment
  3. Furniture
  4. Sporting goods
  5. Appliances. Be sure all items are in good working order and in excellent condition. For the high-value items, you might want to consider using as your preferred portal of selling these more desirable items for a higher profit.
  • Yard sales offer a great way to de-clutter your Houston home. By going through all areas of your Houston home including the attic, and garage you can begin to gather unwanted items you want to sell. We suggest you be efficient with your time by pricing all  items in advance. This avoids any confusion which can lead to negotiation opportunities and reduced profits.

More Houston Yard Sale Tips

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