8 Ways to Save for Your Next Houston Home Purchase!

In my first money saving Houston Home Buyer post I offered 10 common sense ways to reduce your reoccurring utility cost. In my second post in this series you were provided 7 smart ways to reduce your monthly payments.  In this final installment you will receive 8 tips to saving money so you can purchase Houston real estate.

A Sign of the Times

Many families and individuals are financially strapped and can’t afford to meet the new mortgage guidelines for securing a loan and financing a Houston home especially if it’s their first Houston home. That’s way it is so important to provide you these timely tips. This way you are better prepared to effectively save for your down payment and closing cost for your next Houston home purchase.

Your 8 Money Saving Strategies

  1. Strip the car – If your car has a bike rack, remove it when not in use for improved gas mileage
  2. Be regular – Go with regular gas and not the premium stuff (unless your car’s owners manual specifically states premium grade fuel is required!). Maintain the air pressure in your tires for improved mileage too
  3. Take a stroll – When practical, park the car and walk more often. Plus there are so many walkable Houston neighborhoods
  4. Share the ride – Car pool
  5. Reduce the caffeine intake and save $ – Stop drinking lattes every morning at Starve4urbucks
  6. Eat out less – Eat at home more often trim the waste line!
  7. Stock up the freezer – Purchase meats when they are on sale and use the Grocery Game coupons for superior savings
  8. Go green – Yes – going green can also be cost effective too. Use cloth reusable grocery bags to reduce waste. Plus it will help your grocery store reduce their cost and hopefully pass the savings on to you!

Take Action Now and Benefit Later!

By implementing these 8 money saving tips you will be on your way to saving money for your down payment and closing cost for your next Houston home.

What Other Timely Money Saving Tips Would You Add?

Be sure to comment and offer your favorite money saving tips for the rest of my readers.

Until my next post,