It’s now official! 4815 Braesvalley in Meyerland is truly a mid century MOD contemporary home that was designed by the famous Lars Bang. A very knowledgeable person suggested that it might be, so we checked it out further. dsc07237.JPG

A week or so ago we had Lars Bang come by the Braesvalley home in an attempt to authenticate the fact that he built it. Lars Bang must be in his 80’s or so.  He had a friend of his drive him to see the home. He has a very outgoing personality and it was believed that he was excited about the possibility of it being one of his homes.  My husband, Jim, helped him out of the car and invited him into the house, but Mr. Bang’s knees aren’t what they used to be . . .and he just wanted to stand out front and look at the house.  After some time he decided that he could not confidently say whether the home was one of his designs or not.

The owner was so disappointed when she heard the news.  She really wanted it to be one of his designs.  Weeks earlier she received an email with a design that looked very similar to her home.  So we just kept our fingers crossed.

An agent from my office attended a broker’s open house that I had at the home. She is a strond mid century mod fanatic and provided me with invaluable information about the style of home. She also suggested that the Meyerland Homeowner’s Association might have the original floor plans for the home . . .and that I should check it out.  

So I did.  I called them last week and was told that they could probably check on the file today.  I got a call from a representative of the association and found myself holding my breath until he gave me information concerning the file. He finally found what we were all hoping for . . .the original plans that had been turned in prior to the construction of this home. He told me that Lars Bang’s name was on the plans.  He then proceeded to tell me that Mr. Bang was very famous (I already knew that) and that he thought Lars Bang had passed away.  He was pleasantly surprised to learn that Lars Bang is doing well. 

I was so very excited to call the owner of this home and to tell her that she indeed has a Lars Bang home.  She’s very, very excited and truly hates having to sell the home.  She really would like to stay there, but she just can’t.  I’m going to make her a copy of the plans that I borrowed from the association.  Now I have to figure out how to get them signed and dated by the famous Lars Bang.

So now I have a big question for you. I am marketing this home with an asking price of $449,900.00.  Since we have validated the fact that this home is a Lars Bang home . . .should we ask more for the home??? Please let me know what your thoughts are. I look forward to hearing from you.