My new GoDaddy representative called me yesterday morning and asked “Did you intentionally make the decision to not renew your domain names?”.

This question really got my adrenaline charging.  I hesitated on my response with a very sick feeling in my stomach . . . please don’t tell me they have expired . . . I worked so hard to get them.  How can I sell real estate in Houston, Texas without those domain names?  I finally answered, “Oh nooooooooooo . . .they can’t have expired.  I need them.  I worked too hard to find those names.”

The representative quickly calmed me down and told me that I had 4 more days before they expired.  I was so relieved. I renewed them for a couple more years.

I never thought to put the expiration date for my domain names on my calender.  I will from now on.  I can’t expect people to call me every time something that important is due.


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