Texas is Growing

Recently the Forbes.com website reported the top states in our nation to experience an inbound population growth. The Lone Star state was recognized in the top three in growth. From 2000 to 2008, Texas’ population increased by a whopping 16.7%. Many of those individuals and families who moved to Houston. during that time span can be attributed (from our perspective) to Job growth here in Houston in the fields of energy and health care. See my previous post on this topic.

Here are the numbers as reported by Forbes.com:

  • Job growth projections 2008-2017: 2%
  • 2008 Population: 24,326,974
  • 2007 Population: 23,843,432
  • Year-over-year Increase: 2.03%

Relocating to Houston?

If you are among the many who are relocating to Houston whether it’s with a job or maybe you’re a Boomer seeking a change in scenery, selecting the right Houston Realtor is a big step. Make sure you and your agent fit and they are awesome listeners who truly pay close attention to your home buying needs. If you’re relocating with a job in the medical field, per chance you will be working in the Texas Medical Center area. There are several prime Houston neighborhoods locate nearby including Braeswood, and the neighborhoods in the Texas Medical Center area itself.

Who’s Dancin!

In this economy, what with all the doom and gloom any good news is something we should all celebrate. Excuse me while I perform the Elaine Benes “dance of joy”! Care to join me?