There are approximately 3500 single family homes in the Houston Heights, Houston, Texas with an average sales price per sq. ft. of $164 in 2006. Since 1994, this figure has increased every year. The values were $150/sq 2004 and 156 in 2005. These figures were obtained from the Houston Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, as are the others cited in this article.

There are currently 147 single family homes for sale in the Houston Heights ranging from a 3 bed/ 2.5 bath, 1406 sq. ft. home on a 3040 sq. ft. lot listed for $129,900 to a 1925 property currently configured as an inn with 5600 sq. ft. and a 2600 sq. ft. carriage house on a 11,250 sq. ft lot and priced at $1,575,000. The average list price per sq. ft. is $191.44. Many of the homes for sale are new construction ones on small lots but there are a good selection of older homes. Another 36 homes are under contract as of 2/12/2008 but haven’t closed yet.

In December, 2008 there were 25 single family homes sold at prices ranging from $166,800 to $1,075,000 with an overall average sales price per sq. ft. value of $173.70.

In January 2008, 18 single family homes sold at prices from a low price of $94,000 for a foreclosed 3 bed/ 1 bath,977 sq. ft. home on a 4978 sq. ft.lot to a high price of $1,677,000 for a yet to be built, 4000 sq. ft., 4 bed/ 4 bath home on a 6600 sq. ft. lot. The overall average sales price per sq. ft. was $187.06.

ZIP Code: 77008

Approximate Location Boundaries: Downtown Houston, Memorial Park, Oak Forest

Location Characteristics: This historical neighborhood, with a mixture of bungalow, Victorian homes, and new construction (as well as some industrial and commercial property) was originally established as a planned community in the late 1890s. The location was partially chosen because it was 23 feet higher than downtown Houston, Texas located 4 miles away. In 1918, Houston Heights residents voted for annexation by the city of Houston.

The single family home market in the Houston Heights consists of older Victorian era homes, older bungalows, and new construction. Many of the older homes have been remodeled and over 100 Houston Heights structures are registered in the National Register of Historical Places. The newer construction consists of everything from contemporary designs to Victorian style homes.