As a member of the Houston real estate agent team of the Zoller Group, I decided to write this post to help define the many roles we fulfill in the Houston real estate market. By painting you a word picture, hopefully you will gain a better sense of the many “hats” we wear as Houston real estate agents.

While I gain a greater sense of fulfillment from some roles more so than others, this list is in no particular order of preference:

  1. Houston home buying and selling consumers require a Trusted Advisor. Someone who will look out for their best interest. I take this responsibility as a licensed Houston Realtor and real estate agent very seriously. When selecting your Houston Realtor, I recommend you make certain the agent you choose is focused first and foremost on protecting your Houston real estate interest. Your peace of mind is priceless!
  2. Houston home buyers and sellers depend on an Area Expert for obvious reasons. Even within the vast Houston real estate market home values differ greatly and having a very comprehensive knowledge about every community, town and village surrounding all of Houston just isn’t practical in an ever-changing Houston real estate market. All the more reason to locate a team of Houston neighborhood experts and tap into their knowledge about that particular market. Do that and you will reap greater rewards.
  3. Savvy transaction negotiator is another one of the many hats I enjoy wearing. With many years of experience under my belt in this role, The Zoller Group is driven to helping our clients experience successful Houston real estate outcomes. Within the Houston real estate transaction, one of the benefits you enjoy is the role our team plays to coordinate every detail of your transaction. That’s another one of the great benefits to working with a team of specialist.
  4. Today’s Houston Realtor should be a polished pro who is totally immersed in online social media and transparent both in person and on the web. While we put forth a tremendous effort in being all over the web whether it’s on Facebook, Active Rain, LinkedIn, Trulia or our Houston real estate blog, ultimately the real estate business is a person to person business that is relationship driven. That’s the part that gets me excited!
  5. I also relish the role of a real estate educator. While a great many of our buyers and sellers have bought and sold many Houston properties, everyone knows no two real estate transactions are ever the same. Helping consumers thoroughly understand each step in the home buying or selling process in an easy to understand fashion is one of my top priorities. Remember, never sign anything until you know what you are signing!
  6. The last role that I feel is very important is that of a marketing expert. In addition to Jim and I’s role as experienced marketers we feel this aspect of Houston real estate is so critical we designated an in-house person for marketing. We also rely heavily on our outside partner at Dakno Real Estate Marketing to help manage our Houston real estate website. That ensures your home selling needs are given top priority.

Your Feedback?

As a Houston home buyer or seller, what role do you see as the most important to you? I’d love to read your comments.

Until next my post,